– Dose Administration Aid (DAA) packing solution
– Consistent software platform for your entire organisation
– Ease of use for all staff across all sites
– Flexibility of either sachets or cards
– Benchmarking reports
– Trending reports
– Free CPD modules available to all staff
– Access to Ezymed Medication Management Division
– Increase your efficiency and profitability by harnessing our cloud-based platform and robotic packing.
– Accurate, reliable, and cost effective.
– Great defensive and offensive tool- Increase the ‘stickiness’ of your community patients and aged care facilities.
– Efficient and flexible solution tailor made to each pharmacy and facility
– Freeing up time and resources to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.
– Unlimited ability to scale up and grow beyond your current DAA customer base.
– Retain full control over profiles and customer interaction
– Easy, accessible reporting and NRMC for Aged care via our cloud-based software
– Electronic medchart integration
– FREE Nationwide delivery service in a timely manner

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