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Join us on a tour of our word class DAA Facility:

All DAA preparation is done within a ISO8 TGA Approved Clean room Facility We can cater to both Sachet & Blister Cards Inquire now to see how we can work together.

Why outsource your DAA packing?

  • Reclaim HR time and re-delegate tasks to GROW your business, not just survive in it
  • Build an EFFICIENT dispensary workflow that is DESIGNED to allow SCALABILITY
  • Reduce stock holding and tidy up dispensary.
  • Reduce error rate
  • Access cutting edge technology with no capital expenditure
  • Improve capacity for more Community DAAs and even Aged Care DAAs
  • Centralised TGA and DOH approved repackaging facility
  • Accuracy assured via photographic technology
  • Offering both SACHETS and BLISTER CARDS
  • FREE delivery to ANY pharmacy in Australia
  • Cloud-based software allows you full control over profiles and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • FREE consumables
  • NO CHARGE for halves/quarter tablets
  • NO hidden fees/charges
  • Reliable. Accurate. Consistent.

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