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National Residential Medication Charts (NRMC)

Ezymed charts are nationally recognised and approved computer-generated National Residential Medication Charts (NRMC) containing residents’ comprehensive medical information. The medication record displays resident’s medication profiles in an easy-to-use format.

  • These medication charts are designed to improve medication safety to residents as all the resident’s information is amalgamated to one centralised record.
  • Being computer generated the charts are easily printed on a quarterly basis by the pharmacy and reviewed by the prescribers.
  • On every page of the Ezymed NRMCs, the resident name, photo and allergies/adverse reaction are visible to ensure correct identification when prescribing, supplying, and dosing is carried out.
  • In addition, it eliminates human related errors such as misinterpretation of handwritten information, and duplication of medications.
  • Ezymed NRMCs are prescription certified for up to four months reducing the need for the pharmacy to continuously request prescriptions.
  • Furthermore, being nationally recognised the Ezymed residential medication charts can be used by the pharmacy to claim for PBS medications.
  • The Ezymed residential medication charts are approved for electronic NRMC and are compatible with most electronic medication administration systems used in the aged care.
National Residential Medication Charts (NRMC)

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