The foundation of our team is built on individuals who are exceptional and passionate in their field.

We strive with our knowledge to collaborate and build the future of the pharmacy of the future.


Assad Karem

Pharmacist and Co-Founder of Ezymed, B.Pharm Usyd.
Assad has over 25 years of pharmacy experience and started in retail pharmacy in 1989. He then went on to expand services into the private hospital and aged care sectors and has over 20 years’ experience in servicing clients across various healthcare sectors. He also owns and operates Medical Centers which allows him to advise his clients on medical services as well as pharmaceutical.

Inas Karem

Clinical Pharmacist & Manager of Clinical Services Division, B.Pharm USyd, AACP accredited, MPS
Inas has over 20 years of pharmacy experience in various settings of clinical pharmacy in home and residential medication management reviews. Her experience of working in Community Pharmacy, Aged Care and Private Hospital settings gives her a broad knowledge of various medication delivery systems and requirements.

Ali Alzamily

Pharmacist & Manager of Dose Administration Division , B.Pharm USyd
Ali is the founder of Ezymed’s dose administration division and works tirelessly to ensure dose administration aids are delivered with the highest of quality and standards for his clients. Ali has built a TGA accredited packing facility with state-of-the-art packing systems never seen before in Australia.