Dose Administration Aids are a proven solution to increase medication adherence – We should not have to Worry about prescription refills and remembering to take the meds everyday– let the DAA do the work for you.

Most community pharmacies offer a DAA service, speak to your local pharmacist about how you can start on one today!

Pensioners, Aged Care and Disabled

We aim to give our loved ones quick and easy access to their various medication. With their busy schedules and confusing dosages, DAA provides easy access to their daily medication without confusion and the need for cumbersome tablet boxes.

The Business Exec

In a rough schedule of travel and back to back meetings, it is difficult to organise all the daily prescribed medicines. The DAA pack becomes the companion where it is all laid out for me just like my calendar!

The Busy Mum

Keeping up with the housework and looking after the kids and holding a job, there is simply no time! Any spare moment shouldn’t go to organising a prescription refill or having to remember if I had actually taken that tablet at lunch! The DAA pack will unlock time in the day

The Athlete

On a strict supplement course, takes multiple different supplements at different parts of the day – DAA makes it easy to collate them altogether and ensure there is enough supply for the coming week!