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EzyMed personifies simplicity in a complicated system of care by engaging health professionals and key stakeholders on a cloud based platform. This allows for perfect execution in every area of medication management and the best possible outcomes for all involved.
Corporate Profile
EzyMed was founded over 20 years ago providing aged care administrative support to Pharmacies as well as providing reporting, consultation and Medication Review services to aged care facilities.

Our dynamic journey combined with our close relationships with key stakeholders, has deepened our understanding of all the unique requirements in aged care and community DAA requirements. This has sparked our development of a service model for Pharmacies and Aged Care Facilities resulting in positive change for a better and healthier Australia.

We aim to equip you with the tools to revolutionize the way you handle and administer DAA’s to persons in your Pharmacy or Aged Care Facility. We can cater to all Pharmacies and Aged Care Facilities Australia wide. Enquire now to see how we can help you be part of our medication management revolution.