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Nurti Atli – Managing Director ATLI’s Country Pharmacy

We have been using Ezymed for now almost 2 years. Since the conversation to Ezymed we no longer stress about having the medications packed on time ready for delivery each week. With Ezymed and their cloud based Suremed program, patient profiles are updated instantly and medications are packed into blisters and delivered to our pharmacy on time every time ready to deliver to the aged care facility.

We also converted our community patients to Ezymed as well and hence customers are reliably put on a fortnightly schedule to collect their DAA’s on time.

We are now more confident, efficient and are able to better utilize our staff within the pharmacy. Our cost analysis clearly indicates we are saving on time and money and with their 99.99% accuracy, it wasn’t a hard decision for us to streamline with Ezymed.

With Ezymed we do less work and accomplish more”

Hesham Mourad – Pharmacy 4 Less Maroubra

Ezymed solutions provide such a great service to our store. The burden of packing medications is totally off my back! No more loose medications, mess or clutter. We receive our blister cards and Sachet rolls on an automatic cycle every week with no fuss.

Also the cloud based system of the medication profiles is very convenient and handy. Access to patient’s data is at your fingertips when you need to make emergency adjustments (especially for nursing home urgent orders).

Thank you Ezymed for a total solution for my packing needs.

Janean Cole – Acting General Manager Residential Care Services

I would like to thank Ezymed for supporting Anglican Care in supplying our residential facilities with their pharmaceutical needs and medication management. The service has been excellent with ensuring products are supplied in a timely manner, providing education and resources to staff, and effective communication with our facilities. We appreciate the continued service for the past 5 years. Pharmacy for Less at Jesmond and Ezymed have knowledgeable staff and are a great team to work with!

Dr Manjul Agarwal – RCFMP

Ezymed has given me the opportunity to have a concise medication review generated through a web based system with ease of use and ability to enter my input at the time of referrals. Reports are clear, pragmatic, very helpful and have references to current therapeutic guidelines which gives me confidence in review of my patients ongoing needs whilst outlining options I may not have considered in my prescribing. I continue to support the system and to work with yourself and Ezymed in the future.

Julie Rossi – Quality Team Lead NSW, Arcare

The professionalism of the team at Ezymed is exemplified by their collaborative and quality focused response to any query or request. They acknowledge the responsibilities associated with quality use of medicines in an aged care environment and are always happy to impart their knowledge and experience.

Mary McConochie – Quality and Compliance Manager

Ezymed has provided services to ARV/Anglicare for up to 15 years. Over the years their service has evolved and grown to meet the changing and challenging aged care industry in a way which is both responsive and supportive. Ezymed assist us in a timely manner with their topical education sessions, MAC meeting support and auditing services. They are always just a phone call away.

Charles Gradwell B.Pharm

We have used Ezymed for many years and receive packs weekly, ready for delivery to nursing homes without the need to worry about stock management, management of packing staff, packing machine breakdowns or checking completed blister packs.


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