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Why is Medication
Management in Aged Care so important and should you have a closer look ?

Due to the unique needs of Aged Care clients and Quality Standards set by the commission, it is critical that best practice guidelines and medication management records are maintained at the highest standards and adhered to.

The Ezymed platform is designed to allow Aged Care Providers to easily, reliably and accurately create, access and provide medication management solutions to meet legislative requirements and support staff in offering the best possible care.

Our platform provides real time monitoring of prescribing habits, high risk medication assessment, psychotropic drug usage, diabetic care, Opioid managementand other medication guideline support.

Ezymed’s extensive experience in Aged Care can help.


  • Ezymed experienced clinical pharmacists conduct comprehensive medication assessments and review all the relevant information giving a tailored patient centred recommendations.  
  • Support and Implementation of policies collaboratively with all health care providers.
  • Tailored solutions-based approach focused on your needs and target outcomes.
  • Online cloud-based platform to monitor medication management targets, raise alerts and help focus on High Risk medication.
  • Our highly trained pharmacists provide various forms of education and training to support safe medication management and upskilled staff across the aged care sector.

Experience - Confidence - Expertise

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system and use Ezymed’s experience to guide you.

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